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Game play

This game is all about teaming up with your inmates to regain the freedom you all lost. It's best to stay together, but the environment is working against you, so you might lose each other... Some areas on the map will help you to locate your team mates or look ahead. You can only escape when all players find each other and reach the exit together. Walking over trap doors is a gamble!


Use arrows to move. You can use "abilities" by moving to the right spot on the map.

Setting up a game

This game should be played over the network, while having an external voice connection to the other players. It supports 1-4 players (though with 1 player it's less interesting...)

Once everyone is logged in on the same server (see below), one player in the group should create a room, and communicate the room code to the other players. They should enter this room code, and click "enter room".

As room creator: in the game room, set the number of players to the group
size: if it's larger than the number of players in the room, the game won't
start, and if it's too small, players cannot join your room. Only the room creator can start the game, once all players have entered. (So for a solo play through, you need to set the number of players to 1 before you can start.)

Setting up the networking

(Easy options:)

If you want to try out the game alone: run the server executable (click allow on your windows / firewall warning), then run the client, enter as IP address (=localhost), and click "Log in IP".

For multiplayer: in the (rating) week after the game jam, the "default server" might be up, so you can select the default server in the login screen. (Click "Log in default".)

(Harder/expert options:)

Alternatively, you can run your own server, enter its IP, and select it using "Log in IP":

If you want to play with a group in your own LAN: share your (LAN) IP with the
other players, and run the included server executable. (You can find your LAN IP using the terminal command ipconfig.) Make sure port 51113 is open in your firewall. The other group members should enter your LAN IP and click "Log in IP". (As host, you can either enter your own LAN IP or just

If you want to play with a group over the internet, on your own server: share
your WAN IP with the group (you can find your WAN IP or "public IP" by googling "what's my IP"), set up port forwarding on your router for port 51113 (this requires admin rights and a bit of extra knowledge about networking), and run the server executable.


Made during the Global Game Jam 2021 (theme: Lost and Found). 

Art, game design: Joey Poortman

Programming, game design: Paul Bonsma

Technology/tools: Unity, Tiled, Blender, TCP sockets.


March 27 update: using port 51113. v5 is the latest version.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tags3D, Multiplayer


GGJ2021-v5.zip 27 MB


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A masterpiece game! The animations were so good! like fall animation and movement. Could you please add WASD controls cause I am more comfortable with that. Overall, I will rate it 5/5.

Thanks! I'll keep the WASD controls in mind for the next update...