Ostark and Didi are two very special birds! They cannot only instantly pick up new tricks, they can also telepathically transmit these to each other. Of course, with their pea brain they also tend to instantly forget these tricks after they used them.

Anyway, life was good for Ostark & Didi... but nothing can last forever. Aliens have invaded these lands, looking to get a hold of one of them, to steal their unique powers. Make sure this doesn't happen! Guide them to the safety of their nest!

This is a cooperative puzzle platformer game made for two players, that can also be played with one player controlling both birds. It is made to be played with XBOX360 controllers (or compatible) on Windows, but it can also be played (with two players) on one keyboard, and also on Mac (keyboard only).

Originally this game was made for the Global Game Jam 2018 (theme: "Transmission"), but since then, a lot of new content has been added! Note that you can easily add your own levels or content to the game. If you do, please let us know!

Additions in the April 2022 update:

- Scores are added. Try to maximize your score for each level! End the levels quickly, with as many powers as possible.

- Gamepads are now also supported in the browser version

- Dynamic music is now also supported in the browser version

- Minor improvements

- Even more levels!

Additions in the May 2021 update:

- Single player mode. Control both birds with one player! (This gets pretty hardcore towards the end. You may need to ask a friend to help complete the final levels...;-) )

- Playable in browser! (This required an engine update.)

- More levels added.


Paul Bonsma: programming, level design, game design, music & audio

Joey Poortman: artwork, game design

Suggestions and feedback are welcome in the comments!


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I am playing this for 50 mins and it is too addictive! I am on lvl," A distraction 1" and it gets interesting as I continue playing. A really good game bro!!!!!

Thanks for playing, and thanks a lot for the feedback! Let me know how far you get and whether you're stuck. Originally it's a 2-player coop game, so some of the later levels can be quite hard in single player mode...

Yeah that's what I thought, I was playing singleplayer and It was just two hard! Gotta find some to play with me!

That would be great, especially if they then also tell a friend... ;-) 

However, you can also set the difficulty to "easy" in the options menu.

really liked it! Keep it up bro!